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Preston Travel Centre

Preston Travel Centre is a family owned boutique agency that has been in operation for over 40 years. Owners Paul Goetz and Brenda Goodsell feel certain you will be thrilled with all the arrangements handled by the staff of Preston Travel. Both Paul and Brenda are veterans of the industry with more than 40 years of service between the two of them. All staff is highly trained and encouraged to experience the world first hand.

Travel Consultants

Travel agent Paul Goetz Owner - President
Travel agent Brenda Goodsell Owner - Manager
Travel agent Diane Erdman Diane began her administrative career working for the airline...
Travel agent Jean Hollamby Jean came to work for Preston Travel in 2003 after a long his...
Travel agent John Poole After a rewarding career in teaching, John has spent the last...
Travel agent Terri Cole Terri has been a longstanding local agent here in Cambridge, ...

What's New at Preston Travel Centre

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Mount Carmel's Caves, a Study into Human Evolution The four caves of Mount Carmel include Tabun, Jamal, El-Wad and Skhul. The cave’s terraces are clustered next to each other on the southern side of Nahal Me’arot Valley which opens to the coastal plain on the western end of the Carmel range.
The Mesoamerican City of Teotihuacan The city features complex multi-family residences, indicating a society that was highly hierarchical. It also features what is known as the avenue of the dead, with its exceptionally well-preserved murals. Archaeologists have discovered ceramic items and obsidian tools that the city exported to the rest of the Mesoamerican cities.
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Experience a Life of Luxury at Hotel Estherea This is a blog about one of the best hotels in the world - the Hotel Estherea. That the hotel is located on Singel, Amsterdam's oldest canal, makes it a must visit for those intent on seeing what Amsterdam has to offer.
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