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Preston Travel Centre is a family owned boutique agency that has been in operation for over 40 years. Owners Paul Goetz and Brenda Goodsell feel certain you will be thrilled with all the arrangements handled by the staff of Preston Travel. Both Paul and Brenda are veterans of the industry with more than 40 years of service between the two of them. All staff is highly trained and encouraged to experience the world first hand.

Travel Consultants

Travel agent Brenda Goodsell Owner - Manager
Travel agent Diane Erdman Diane began her administrative career working for the airline...
Travel agent Paul Goetz Owner - President
Travel agent Jean Hollamby Jean came to work for Preston Travel in 2003 after a long his...
Travel agent John Poole After a rewarding career in teaching, John has spent the last...
Travel agent Terri Cole Terri has been a longstanding local agent here in Cambridge, ...

What's New at Preston Travel Centre

Explore Kimatrai Hotel in St. Lucia Its clean, motel-like accommodations overlook the marina giving it the perfect views for the adventure seeking tourists. The hotel is attached to restaurants that serve fancy delectable meat and seafood dishes.
Beautiful view of Saint Lucia, Caribbean Islands.jpg
St. Lucia
Grand Palladium Vallarta Resort and Spa Among the phrases that have inadvertently been used to describe the Grand Palladium Vallarta Resort and Spa include; breath taking paradise, a holiday makers’ haven, fine dining resort among others. They all describe what I will call the 'epitome of vocational leisure'. This eminent tourist destination gives pleasant memories to all that stay within its confines.
Spa salon on beach of tropical island.jpg
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico
Grand Bahia Principe Jamaica By the time your vacation ends feeling like royalty will have grown on you.
Grand Bahia Principe Jamaica.jpg
Runaway Bay, Jamaica
Cultural Landscape of the Serra de Tramuntana The landscape is an eminent example of cultural interchange between the Islamic and Christian cultures of Spain. The evidence of Moorish cultivation (from the 8th to 17th century when they were evicted from the land) is visible especially in the waterworks networks and olive groves in the area.
Deia - a small town on Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain.jpg
Bourges Cathedral you gotta go here The Bourges Cathedral is one of the most symbolic pieces of architecture that influenced the Gothic architectural style as the strength of the Medieval France Christianity. The cathedral takes the tag of being one of the most magnificent pieces of Gothic architecture, mostly for proper management of space and high quality of artwork done on both its exterior and interior walls.
Saint Etienne Cathedral with a tree in foreground - Bourges - France..jpg
France, France
Travel Tips: How to Get around in a Spanish Speaking Country Although some countries in the Latin America train their hospitality staff how to speak and write English, some of them have not embraced this. This is why you will find that Americans avoid a majority of the Latin American countries and go to Belize and Costa Rica where the hospitality practitioners speak some fluent English.
We are open for business and we speak spanish.jpg
Best Burger joints in Prague What is not in doubt is that there is booming business in serving the German-invented American delicacy - the burger. Trust me; anything you eat in the following burger joint will be as good as any burger you have eaten in the US, if not better.
Kid serving burger.jpg
Prague, Czech Republic
A brief history of Sydney Sydney remains the hub of Australian economic activity, with its two major infrastructures i.e. the Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport and Port Botany being responsible for around 20% of Australian imports and Exports.
Sydney view.jpg
Sydney New South Wales, Australia
5 Olympic sites you need to see in Grenoble The year is 1968 and the idyllic village of Glenoble in France is poised to host one of the biggest global sporting events - the X Olympic Winter Games. As fate would have it, 32 countries would compete in the games and for the first time since the USSR entered the games in 1956, Norway would haul in more medals than the USSR...this marks the start of the domination of the sports by other countries. This is not all. The '68 event marked the first time that the International Olympic Committee would allow East and West Germany to enter the event separately, and the first time ever the IOC ordered drug and gender testing of competitors. Below are some of the sites where these historic activities happened.
Glenpool, Ok, United States
10 Interesting facts about Jerusalems old city Jerusalem is an old holy city that has been in contention amongst all the Abrahamic religions that include; Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. All the three religions have a claim to the city as all of them has their roots in it. Below are a few facts about the city.
Jerusalem's Old City.jpg
Jerusalem, Israel
Top 5 can't miss night clubs in Sydney The most populous city in Australia has several things to offer its residents and tourists. Among these things is as wild a nightlife as you can imagine. Below are some night clubs in Sydney that will bring to fore your partying juices.
Nightclub in Sydney.jpg
Sydney New South Wales, Australia
Exciting family adventures in Czech Republic Getting your family together for an exciting adventure is what every good family member does. It brings your family members closer to each other and helps forment good relations among the family members. This is why family adventures in Czech Republic listed below should make you sit straight and take notice.
Czech Republic
Dine Under The Stars On A Romantic Grand Cayman Dinner Cruise The Cayman Islands are among the world's most popular vacation destinations and for good reason. With their swaying palm trees, white sand beaches, and turquoise waters, these islands offer the ideal setting for a tropical getaway.
Cayman Islands [2].jpg
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Tips For First Time Family Travel Traveling as a family is one of the greatest activities that anyone can experience regardless of where they come from. And while traveling is fun and exciting, it can be a lot of work, particularly with a few kids in tow.
Family [3].jpg
A breath taking view of London on a Circular Cruise The river is a major shipping lane for the United Kingdom. It also attracts sports such as Rowing, Swimming, skiffing, Punting, Kayaking and canoeing, Sailing and Rowing. Apart from the sports, you will realize that River Thames is divided into piers and each pier has its own peculiar tourist attractions.
River Thames [1].jpg
Westminster, London, Uk

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