No, you won’t be seeing Vikings during the midsummer month in Sweden—yet there is certainly something more to see during this annually celebrated season.

Stora Sjofallet Park in Sweden

Sweden generally draws countless travelers during the summer months as this Nordic nation offers numerous natural attractions and outdoor activities for everyone. 
Aside from hiking and camping in the lovely mountains of Sweden and canoeing or sailing in one of the islands of the Stockholm Archipelago, one particular local event that sends everyone to the shores of the country is the annual summer solstice, wherein the sun rises for 24 hours, and this could only be seen near the beach.
Emily Pane of Daily Mail UK is lucky enough to have visited the Scandinavian country before the start of the summer solstice (“Midsummer Magic: Fine Food, Fairytales and Flowers on a June Journey through Sweden”). She notices that “The further you drift from the city the simpler and more earthy life becomes”.
Below is a small excerpt from her exciting article:
There's a strong desire for escapism and nostalgia. Perhaps that explains the continuing ritual of the rising of the Midsummer pole. Said to have been brought to Sweden in the 15th century by German merchants, the maypole is traditionally clad with leafy branches and flowers… Celebrating the summer solstice predates Christianity. Nature is king, and eroticism and fertility are recurring themes. Legend has it that on the evening before the longest day, girls should pick seven wild flowers, including buttercups and forget-me-nots, and place them under their pillows to dream of their future husbands.
Catch the rest of her article, and be fascinated by this exceptional tradition in Sweden!

To experience midsummer in Sweden, you should start planning your trip here as soon as possible!

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