Headed for the UK at this time of the year? You should then never miss the city of London.

Top 5 Things to Do when in the United Kingdom

London Cityscape


Exploring London will be in your priority list, and you can start taking in the view of City by taking a ride in London Eye. Aside from this, you should immerse in the local culture by visiting historical sites – from museums, St. John Cathedral, the Palace of Westminster, the Buckingham Palace and more, much more.

Here we bring you to 5 things not to miss when you are in Britain.  You will surely be more inspired after reading this article.

The beach is another big item in your list.  The United Kingdom is known for its white, sandy beaches.  Go beach hopping at the Bournemouth in Dorset, Sinclair’s Bay in Caithness, Blackpool in Lancashire, to West Wittering in South Sussex and the Abereiddi Blue Lagoon in Pembrokeshire.  These are some of the beach in the top list.  Whether for the sun, for a dip, or for surfing, there’s always something sandy in Britain.

Extreme adventures await you in Britain.  Rafting, bungee jumping and tubing are just some of the activities that you can immerse yourself in.  Exploring the coast also tops the list, and this gives you the chance to explore the vast coastline.  You can also go diving and swimming in some of the world’s most amazing blue clear waters.

Skiing, snowboarding and mountain climbing in Scotland will surely give you the adrenaline rush.  The Scottish mountains are an ideal destination with its better equipped ski resorts and available expert help all the time.  There is even a ski area that has features downhill mountain biking. Great adventure!

Safari, anyone?  Do it the British way.  From just a day out to weekend trips, going on a British safari offers an unforgettable experience.  The Livingstone Safari Lodge on the southeast coast, for instance, opens a window to the plains of Africa where more than 1000 animals roam free.

So let the British invasion begin!

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