If you like seeing a place aftermath, this is a place for you.

The survival place, Budi Lake


In a forgotten corner of Chile’s otherwise popular Lakes and Volcanoes district lies Lago Budi (Budi Lake), a saltwater lagoon formed after the devastating Valdivia earthquake and tsunami of 1960, the most powerful temblor ever recorded.

Budi’s shores are home to Chile’s largest surviving native people, the Mapuche, and several families of Mapuche-Lafquenche have transformed this serene spot into a unique ethno-tourism destination where guests are invited to sleep in traditional fire-heated Ruka homes, work hand-in-hand with local craftspeople and eat hearty pumpkin and potato stews topped with spicy, mouth-burning Merken. While trips to visit South America’s other native inhabitants can feel a bit disingenuous, the communities of Budi Lake provide a more subdued and authentic glimpse of life at the tip of South America as it was for centuries.

Why travel to Budi Lake in 2013? What’s happened around Budi Lake has flown completely under the radar, and you’d be hard-pressed to find mention of this place in any guidebook for Chile. But in the span of about five years, the Mapuche community used a series of private grants to start an historical, cultural and environmentally sustainable development project to provide an economic base for one of Chile’s poorest communities. The idea of ethnic and environmental tourism is a relatively foreign concept in Chile (and indeed much of South America), so the project remains in its nascent stage. But at just an hour east of the regional capital of Temuco and three hours east of the popular resort town of Pucon, it’s only a matter of time before people discover the quite charms of this coastal indigenous community.


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