See for yourself the reasons why a particular travel destination in Campania has become a vital visitor area in the southern part of Italy.

Take a Drive to Cilento, and See Italy in a Different Perspective

Cilento is primarily known for having one of the biggest UNESCO World Heritage Site-listed national parks in Italy, known as the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park, yet when reaching this Italian geographical location, you’ll be first welcomed by the gorgeous coastal areas along the Tyrrhenian Seas.

You’ll notice how many of the touristic villages are found along the coast, so it’s recommended that you stop by one of these towns, such as in Policastro Buessentino, Santa Maria di Castellabate and Scario. 
If you don’t know where to start, you can simply follow the itinerary featured on the Daily Mail UK Travel when planning a trip to Cilento (“On Italy’s Mozzarella Trail in Cilento, the Hidden Coastline that’s Fit for a Prince”).
Below is a quick excerpt of the published travel article:
We quickly joined the passeggiata – that oh-so-civilized period of the Italian day that is assigned entirely to strolling – and enjoyed an aperitivo watching teenagers tear after a football on a pitch scribed out of sand…. A bottle of Peroni may see you stumping up 6 Euros in Sorrento, here it'll buy you a whole, wood-fired pizza and a delicious one at that… The old town, known as Isca delle Chitarre, has just enough restaurants to entertain visitors for a week or two and the food is delicious, unfussy Neapolitan fare. Humble gnocchi dishes, uneven margherita pizza topped with discs of mozzarella, ciabatta drenched in extra virgin olive oil, soft figs and ice cream in fanciful flavors are all culinary staples in these parts. 

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