Love camping but hate the annoying parts of it? Then glamorous camping in Somerset is the answer to your problem!

Enjoy Glamping at a Real Farm in Somerset


A perfect respite awaits you (including a farm full of animals) on a glamping ground in Somerset. With tents prepared to accommodate a maximum of six people and equipped with the usual household things, such as baking and cooking equipment, glasses, pans, cups, coffee grinder, mugs, chopping boards, plates and knives, you certainly couldn’t ask for more self-catering glamping moments in this part of England. 


Daily Mail UK Travel correspondent David Derbyshire, who particularly loathes camping, couldn’t say no to the glamping opportunity offered by Feather Down (“Five Go Glamping! Luxury Tents and Free-Range Fry-Ups at Feather Down Farm”).
Here’s a quick snippet of his recently-published article:
Once you've parked, luggage is taken by wheelbarrow to the tents… I say tents, but that doesn't really do them justice. The first impression when you peel back the front door is of an enormous amount of space and an enormous amount of wood. Plenty of houses in Britain are smaller and less luxurious than a Feather Down tent… The floor is raised and wooden, keeping people, food and shoes away from mud and annoying creatures. The tent is divided into five 'rooms' - a gigantic living area with a wooden table, wooden chairs, a wood-burning stove, two giant deckchairs and a kitchen island with sink and cold water tap… At the rear is a room with bunk beds and another with a double bed. A large cupboard with doors turns out to contain another cozy double bed. There's also - and rather importantly - a lavatory. 

So contact us now to get started with your next adventure in Somerset!

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