If you are learning to ride a bike, don't do it in Thailand. Learn this from our home country.

5 Tips for riding a motor bike in Thailand

Please read through this post. It teaches you how not to get killed in the crazy Thailand roads when riding a motorbike. First of all, you need to know that the best way to see Thailand is on a motorbike. You also need to know the highest road fatalities in the country come from motorbike accidents. I hate to be a doomsday prophet, but you need to know that if you don't take heed to the following tips, the results can be disastrous. Here you go;

1. If you are learning to ride a bike, don't do it in Thailand. Learn this from our home country.

2. Avoid riding bikes in cities at all costs. The traffic in cities such as Bangkok and Chiang Mai are mercilessly brutal.

3. Forget the rules. They are not observed here. It is survival for the fittest. Actually, they will think you not 'schooled' if you observe the rules here. Break the rules at your own peril though...the cops will not be forgiving.

4. You need to have a sixth sense. Go out expecting the worst and you may survive the streets.

5. Use the scooter lane. Most Thai roads have a scooter lane where you will not get interference from other motorists. Other riders will say you ride like an old woman...you are better safe than sorry.

Of course there a millions of small things you will learn on the road. The above are just the most cardinal. Good luck.


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