5 Phenomenal Berlin City Tours

by Preston Travel Centre - Berlin, Germany -

Berlin is cool, historical, diverse, and beautiful - and can therefore overwhelm as you plan your sightseeing itinerary. Here is a list of some fantastic city tours to help you explore all that Berlin has to offer in almost every way you can imagine.

City Segway Tours 

"See more. Less effort. More fun.” Don’t laugh - you may feel like you look silly whirling around Berlin on a segway, but in fact cruising the streets segway-style has plenty of advantages, enough so that you should consider taking a City Tour.

One of the advantages segway sightseeing is that the tours are very limited in size, meaning your experience will be highly personal and private.

Additionally, just as your means of travel is innovative, so is the tour itself. Instead of a stodgy tour of dates and tired stories, Segway tours offers “a great orientation, all the educational info, heaps of unique and fascinating stories, the opportunity to meet other travelers, fantastic photo ops and superb personal service from your guide.” At any rate, segways are fun and you’re on vacation.

Here are the different segway tours. There are full city tours, mini-Afternoon tours, tours in German and in Spanish. As opposed to walking tours, on a segway you get through a considerable list of top Berlin sights, without feeling rushed.

Each tour begins with a 30 minute orientation, so don’t worry if you’re not experienced. You do have to be 15 years or older to participate. Insurance policy stipulations means a 400 Euros deposit but so much as you don’t crash into a building you should get that back.

Make reservations online.

Mosaic Tours: Non-Profit Tours to the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial

Mosaic Tours is the only independent tour company in Berlin to offer regular public tours to the Memorial on a 100% non-profit basis, a feature that seems not only preferable but very much apppropriate.
What resonates especially is their mission not only to increase awareness of the past and provide an understanding of the atrocities perpetuated at Sachsenhausen but to positively influence the future and support organizations dedicated to the stopping of present-day violations of human rights.
Net proceeds from ticket sales are donated to Amnesty International, the Brandenburg Memorials Foundation, and Friends of the Sachsenhausen Memorial Museum e.V.
Guides are highly educated. The “focus is to provide relevant historical analysis and answer questions while providing the freedom for visitors to develop their own impressions of this powerful memorial.” Take the tour and explore the memorial on your own for personal reflection.
Tours run on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays. Meet at 10am at the foot of the TV Tower at Alexanderplatz, near the S- and U-Bahn Train Station. Look for the guide holding Mosaic Tour fliers. No reservations are required, just show up. Tours run about 6 hours, so bring a lunch/snack. There are no official restrictions to eating within the Memorial but do so with prudence.
You can also arrange a private tour.
Tour Prices: Regular: 12Euros; Student: 10Euros

Fat Tire Bike Tours

One of the largest bike tour companies in Europe, Fat Tire has been widely acclaimed for their simple and effective goal: providing great bike tours in a great city.

Guides are not only native English-speakers but are well-traveled, personable, and highly knowledgable about Berlin.

There is a wide variety of tours designed to suit your personal interests.

The Fat Tire Bike shop is one and the same under the giant TV Tower in Alexanderplatz.

Brewer's Walking Tours

See the best of Berlin in the legendary, all day, all encompassing 6hr walking tour, covering ALL of Berlin’s major historic sights. The Best of Berlin is a rigorous and rich exploration of Berlin’s chaotic history. Recommended by Lonely Planet, Let’s Go Europe, International Travel News, and other recognized publications. Cost: 12 Euros. Bring water and sunscreen!

Brewer’s also offers a tour of Potsdam (12 Euros + a Berlin ABC Ticket), a Third Reich Tour(10 Euros), a Sinful Berlin Tour (12 Euros) and a Free Tour. All tours meet daily opposite the Friedrichstrasse station, in front of the Bandy Brooks shop at 10:30.

Insomniac Tours

Tour the best of Berlin’s nightlife with a variety of nightly pub crawls. Hit up at least 5 unique hotspots ending at one of Berlin’s hottest clubs. The city is renowned for its fantastic and eclectic nightlife, and this tour more than lives up to that reputation.
Among the Insomniac Tour “amenities” are the Bottomless Shot Glass, the Free Beer Crate, and Free Jaegermeister. Party hard but at the same time experience an unbeatable nightlife (counter) culture. One of the 5+ places you go to is a massive squat with multiple levels of bars, art galleries, and a huge beer garden.
Here is the nightly tour schedule. Meet at the Free Beer Crate at 8:15pm. The first 5 people get a free Insomnia Shirt!
The tour is only 12 Euros - your drinks and cover charges more than cover this cost alone. The cost drops to 10 Euros if you taken a Fat Tire Bike Tour.
In addition to the tours, the TV Tower Shop has a HUGE variety of services. Check it out!


Let us plan and book your trip to Berlin! We can take care of all your travel and stay arrangements so you have more time (and money!) to do what you want with your vacation. Contact us for more information! 


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