Group Travel

Preston Travel Centre has years of experience putting together group departures. In most cases, 10 adult passengers will get you off the ground! [ WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?]


Groups, Groups & More Groups!


Wedding Groups - Everyone loves a bride! Get special savings, we are full of ideas!

Religious Pilgrimages - See where it all began. Speak with your pastor/priest see if they will join you and your group to the Holy Land.

School Groups - Spark their interest in history! Take your class to Europe, or even explore their own Canadian backyard. Coaches, what about your team???

Family Groups - How long has it been since everyone was together? Weddings are not the only reason to get together.  A family reunion on board a cruise ship, PERFECT! something for everyone.

Team Travel - Get your team there on time and rested, ready to go!

Special Birthday - Do something special. It's your 50th and you want to celebrate with your friends in style!

Cruise Groups - There is nothing like the high seas!


Contact Brenda Goodsell at Preston Travel for more info

(519) 653 - 2327