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Also known as the tallest mountain in the entire North America, Denali or Mt. McKinley is the main highlight of the Denali National Park and Preserve and is frequently scaled nowadays. Many mountain climbers opt to follow the West Buttress Route, and it usually takes them 2-4 weeks before they could reach the peak of this mountain.

Get a better idea on what to expect when climbing Denali in this clip prepared by Joshua Lavigne, who further shares,

This was my first trip to the Alaska Range but Raphael Slawinski's forth, so I followed his lead in strategy and style. Our original objective was to attempt the Denali Diamond on the southwest face but conditions were ill suited for an attempt, so we diverted our energies to the uber-classic Cassin Ridge. After 14 days of travel, acclimatization and many days of resting we got the weather window to start climbing. Our strategy for the route was to do it as a day climb. A committing but simple style.

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